Instant Pot into an Air Fryer, 6 Qt

Instant pot air fryer lid 6 qt is one of the best air fryers having some super attractive unique features. Those features are distinguishing from the other conventional air fryers. This one allows “One-Touch Preset Cooking Programs”. So, you’ll be able to get crispier output in a short time. The manufacturer is providing the features of “Crispy Crunch and Golden Finish,”.

All the accessories are attaching to this fryer in a very well format. The dishwasher is safe for that reason, you can clean it so conveniently. The accessories of this one include air fryer basket, dehydrating & broiling tray, protective pad, and the like. All these are of high quality and can provide faster and qualitative output. In this article, you’ll get all the details of “Instant Pot Air Fryer 6 Qt.”

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid 6 in 1, No Pressure Cooking Functionality, 6 Qt, 1500 W,Black


  • “One-Touch Preset Cooking Programs” of this instant pot air fryer amazon make the using procedure of it so convenient.
  • The features of the “Crispy Crunch and Golden Finish” of this fryer will really satisfy you.
  • For having the “Overheat Protection & Automatic Shutoff” features you may use this one with relaxation.
  • This instant pot air fryer amazon can produce 105 Degree Fahrenheit to 400 Degree Fahrenheit. And this temperature is enough to fry perfectly.


  • Yet there are many cooking functions, but the slow cooking function is not there.

Why do we choose this instant pot air fryer amazon for you?

Like all the other air fryers this one can provide you super output in which you’ll experience less oil. In the made fried food there’ll be 95% less oil in comparison with deep fryers and for that reason, the made food of this one will be much healthier. This air fryer is the super perfect one for enjoying onion rings, wings, crispy fries, or something like those. “Even Crisp technology” of this instant pot air fryer amazon will make such enjoyable cooking possible. You may use this fryer with relaxation for having the “Overheat Protection & Automatic Shut off” feature in it.

This one has enough capacity to produce 105 Degree Fahrenheit to 400 Degree Fahrenheit. This will be enough for making crispier output. You’ll be able to cook food at 70% faster in comparison with the other conventional air fryers. All the options and functions of this air fryer are keeping at the top of the fryer. “Multi-level Air Fryer Basket” is placing here. This option will ensure the necessary airflow while running the cooking function. Dehydrating and broiling trays are attaching in this fryer. You need this for making restaurant-grade food easily. In a word, this instant pot air fryer amazon has all the arrangements to make you satisfied with the delicious & crispier output.

What you should know before buying?

Just ordering this one, at first sight, may not be a wise decision as you should be sure about the capacity of it in meeting your needs. To be sure about such capacity of it, you should know certain features of this fryer and these are mentioned below-

The dimension of this air fryer is 13.5 x 13.5 x 12.8 inches, while the weight of it is 11.9 pounds. This one is a round-shaped one and you may place it at any corner of your kitchen.

You’ll get here cooked food in 95% less oil than conventional deep fryers, and 70% faster-cooking output in comparison with those.
“Easy-To-Read Dual-Display” has been kept here for showing you the necessary details of the cooking functions.

You have to place raw food items inside the fryer by detaching the top part of it and it is so easy to detach. Two handles have been kept at both the sides for conveniently detaching the upper part.

If the features of this one seem desirable to you then you may order this air fryer for you. But for being sure that you’re about to order the right one. Check at least once the ASIN Number– B07VF7J5VQ, and the Item model number- “Air Fryer Lid” of this fryer.

How can you use this instant pot air fryer amazon for making different foods?

The using procedure of this fryer is a bit different than the other fryers which contain a door by opening which raw food materials are to be placed. A piece of the user manual will be sent to you with the ordered package and all the necessary details of using it will be mentioned there.

When you’ll get this fryer at your hand at first you need to place it in a certain place. And forgetting convenience in cleaning and placing foods conveniently you may place it at any corner of your kitchen. Poring over the user manual is necessary as this manual contains all the details of the cooking functions. After that, try to be familiar with the options and functions of this air fryer. This understanding is really needed for using this fryer conveniently.

Introduce yourself with all the options and cooking functions. Place this in front of you and take a look at the top of the fryer as all the options are placed there. At the center of the top dual display is keeping for showing you the timer and temperature. The timer option you will find at the upper. the temperature you will find at lower. At immediately above the timer showing display you’ll see the writing “Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid”. And on the left side of the writing start button is placing. On the right side of the writing, the cancel button is placing.

On the right side of the display, the timer increase & decrease options are taking place. And on the left side, the temperature increase & decrease options are placed. Below the display, you’ll get all the cooking functions and these are Air Fry, Broil, Bake, Roast, Reheat, and Dehydrate, from left to the right direction. These are the overall account of the options and cooking functions of this air fryer. If you want to get all the details of these options and some other options of this fryer, take help from the user manual sent to you with the ordered package.

Now come to the point of cooking using this fryer. For starting the cooking firstly you need to place the raw food items inside the fryer by detaching the top part of the fryer. You’ll see two handles is setting here for detaching the top part of it conveniently. After that, place the foods inside the fryer and attach the top part with the lower part of it. After that, select the right cooking function, timer, and temperature. If everything is okay, then press on the start button and the cooking procedure will start soon.

Features that are for meeting your criteria

Several features of this air fryer will really attract you. In this stage of discussion, we’ll show four of such features. Let’s see!

Plain & simple using

This air fryer is really easy to use as this one doesn’t contain any door or something like that. Just you need to detach the top part of the fryer and place the food materials inside. Necessary cooking functions or options of this fryer are placing at the top of the fryer and for that reason, you’ll be able to use this fryer so easily.

Accessories of it

For using this one, you’ll not need to use so many accessories. They will provide you everything you need with the ordered package. “Multi-level air fryer baskets” will also be there for cooking perfectly. You’ll be happy to know all the accessories of this fryer are dishwasher safe and you may clean those things whenever you need to.

Free App

On using this air fryer, you may download their free app for getting access to more than 1000 recipes. This huge number of delicious foods will meet the needs of your snacks and meals every day. Even the foods shown in the recipes are so easy to make and you’ll be able to get this point after using it for some days.

Newbie friendly options

At the top of the air fryer, you’ll get all the necessary options. The name of the options is writing down beside the relevant options. On using this fryer, you’ll have the option to cancel the existing setting at any time. If you make any mistake in setting or it is necessary for any other reason.

Final utterance

This instant pot air fryer amazon is for providing you different delicious outputs. For that reason, different cooking functions have been kept here. This one has all the necessary arrangements to meet the needs of a small or even larger family. If the other features seem desirable to you then obviously “Instant Pot Air Fryer” will be the right choice for you.


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